Why work for Frontline Security?

    Competitive pay

  • We know that our employees go the extra mile when it comes to doing their job. We reward their stellar performance with competitive pay rates.

    Free Training

  • We value experience as much as we love learning new skills. Our In-house and CPL training program will help you increase your professional skills.

    Get Paid After Work

  • Do you want to want to work and get paid that day? No problem! Once you meet the required time and hours set by your pay-app, you can request to be paid "That Day" after working.

    Gas/Fuel Incentives

  • We know gas is constantly rising due to the Ukrainian conflict with its neighbor, Frontline will reimburse fuel travel per mile to our guards traveling over 15 mile from home to work.

We are a honest and caring company who enjoy seeing people happy at work and home. So come join our family and help us grow into the best company in Michigan.